Thanksgiving Devotional Bundle
Thanksgiving Devotional Bundle
Thanksgiving Devotional Bundle
Thanksgiving Devotional Bundle

Thanksgiving Devotional Bundle

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A lovely bundle put together for your family to celebrate the Thanksgiving season! Use this 8x10 fill-in-the-blank chalkboard to focus on gratefulness. Simply write in something you're thankful for using regular chalk or washable chalk marker and wipe clean with a damp cloth when you want to change what you've written (we suggest daily for November!). 

Combine the daily giving thanks with this 12 day devotional focused on the good character traits of the men and women in the Thanksgiving story for your entire family. 

The men and women that came before us in the history of America deserve to have their stories preserved and told for generations to come. We can learn much from their courageous lives and how they trusted in the Lord to preserve them. 

This Thanksgiving, learn 12 different character qualities from the lives of 12 different men and women connected to that first Thanksgiving. Relive this pivotal time through beautiful art work, inspiring poems, hymns, activities, books, and a daily original devotional for the whole family! 

Teach your children the importance of good character through the lives of these Pilgrims:

  • William Bradford
  • William Brewster
  • John and Elizabeth Howland
  • Squanto
  • Christopher Jones
  • John Carver
  • Massasoit
  • Edward Winslow
  • Mary Chilton 
  • John Robinson
  • Captain Miles Standish 

Included in the Character of Thanksgiving Family Devotional are 12 devotionals. Each one focuses on one person and how they exhibited a particular character trait in the Thanksgiving story. After the devotional is read, a number of follow-up exercises are included, such as:

  • Questions for further family discussion
  • Poem to read 
  • Thanksgiving hymn to sing together
  • Related scripture verses to read
  • Suggested picture book to read out loud
  • Fun Family activity
  • Scripture copy work page for children
  • Information on the beautiful master paintings included in each devotion. 

    There's even a beautiful decorative character card for each person (12 in all) - perfect for display on your mantle or a wall throughout the Thanksgiving season! 

    This isn't just a family devotion! This is a Charlotte Mason inspired product. It's great for adding in art appreciation, narration, poetry, music appreciation, and copywork into your morning time in a simple, beautiful way! 


    • Printed Devotional Guide and Display Cards plus 8"x10" Chalkboard 
    • Designed for the whole family (ages 5 and up)
    • 12 character devotions in all
    • Scripture references are KJV